Sennzai  歌手・作詞家

1月22日生まれ 北海道出身 東京在住 女性


2015年からは商業作品にも参加を開始し、19歳で初のACゲーム「pop'n music」に歌唱参加を果たす。




Sennzai  Singer and lyricist

Born 22 January in Hokkaido, Tokyo, female.

Started her music career in 2010 in the internet scene such as doujin music.

In 2015, she began participating in commercial productions and sang in her first AC game 'pop'n music' at the age of 19.
In the same year, she sang and wrote lyrics for the popular music rhythm game 'DEEMO', which has sold a total of 28 million downloads worldwide, and currently sings and writes lyrics for numerous music game titles both in Japan and abroad.
In 2016, she started her own label, Seardrop, and has continuously released self-produced CDs up to the present day, and as a producer, she also directs the entire productions herself.

I have a distinctive falsetto voice that I will never forget once I hear it.Depending on the song, she has a different voice color as if she were a different person, and she can sing in various genres such as rock, pop, club music, classical music, folk music with words and foreign languages, and even cute songs.In addition to her distinctive voice, she has a reputation for her long, ultra-high tones and bold vibrato, which have an unrivaled depth of voice.